Egon Veevo

Bothnia Classic

Bothnia Classic is a network of producers working in the field of classical music in the regions of Ostrobothnia on the Finnish Westcoast. Our aim is to present listeners with a great variety of classical music experiences throughout the whole year. The Ostobothnian coastline, from Kokkola and Kaustinen in the north, via Pietarsaari, Korsholm and Vaasa to Kaskinen and Ilmajoki in the south, offers chamber music, choir music, opera, symphony concerts and jazz to listeners of all age.

Music is wellness! A person listening to music is statistically healthier, feels better and is more active. Can you imagine swinging baroque music in a medieval church, a symphony concert with Finland´s foremost conductors and soloists, chamber music with world class musicians, a fantastic opera that touches you heart, choirs that make you hold your breath, jazz ensembles performing in barns and manors? Sometimes even musicals and a rock concert come by. If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place!

Bothnia Classic represents quality, sustainability and cosyness during every season of the year.

Please have a look at our webpages and book your next musical experience into Your calendar. In addition to concerts, the region also offers nice places to stay and exciting food experiences. The musical year starts in January and ends in December. During the Covid-19 pandemic, streamed concerts are offered almost every week.

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